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AmLactin Raves®

Lori –

Since I can remember, I have suffered from EXTREMELY scaly, bumpy, dry skin (someone once said I looked like an alligator). Over the years, I have tried just about every lotion out there and only one was ever able to help me retain moisture (therefore comfort), but did nothing for the texture of my skin. Recently, I stumbled across a bottle of AmLactin that my mother-in-law wasn’t using, and tried it. I have one word: “MIRACLE.” I have NEVER experienced softer, smoother skin. I have suffered a lifetime of discomfort and embarrassment from my skin condition, and am almost brought to tears when I tell people about this lotion. Thank you for making such a GREAT product!

Karen –

This is a product that actually works! Finally! I have severe dry skin on my legs and arms. AmLactin is effective and lasts. My skin has drastically improved. Most other products last only a couple of hours. This is now a staple for me. Love it! I’m so glad I discovered this product.

PattyAnn –

I purchased it [AmLactin], which was over a year ago, and it is fabulous. If I run out I have got to go buy more. What do you put in this stuff? It works really great. I get dry patches but when I use this lotion it goes away. I need it by the gallon please. LOL

Claudia –

I’ve never been able to find a cream to adequately soften my dry heels…until now. AmLactin healed my severely cracked skin after using it only twice a day for a week. Thank you!!!

Patricia –

I love AmLactin lotion. My skin gets dry and scaly, but as soon as I put on the lotion it feels better and looks better. When I run out it’s like I am addicted to it.

Kaitlin –

I recently started using AmLactin…I’m hooked. I use it twice a day and it’s the only product that has helped since the problem began about 15 years ago! As a massage therapist, I now recommend your product to my clients and direct them to your website for more information. Thank you!


Source: “Straight Talk” Testimonials


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