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Fundamentals of Fit Skin

New York Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Doris Day, Brings You “The Fundamentals of Fit Skin” To Help Women with Dry Skin Look and Feel their Best at Every Life Stage

Skin is an Organ?

That’s right! Your skin is an organ – and your largest one at that! The average adult has about 2 square yards of it, which sheds 30,000-40,000 dead skin cells per hour. In addition to constantly renewing itself, your skin acts as a 2-way barrier, protecting you from external assaults (sun, bacteria, chemicals), while helping to maintain vital internal conditions (body temperature, water, and electrolyte balance). Sweating when you’re overheated and developing goose bumps when you’re cold, your skin takes care of you and your body’s needs; but, often we do not reciprocate. On a daily basis, we expose our skin to extreme weather, harsh soaps, stress, and erratic nutrition, among other internal and external elements, which all contribute to dry skin. Following “The Fundamentals of Fit Skin” will show your skin just how much you appreciate its hard work, so it can look and feel its best.


Skin Care


Washing your skin daily from head to toe with a good cream based cleanser helps to rinse away dirt, pollutants, and oils that build up on the skin’s surface throughout the day. These external elements can contribute to irritation, body breakouts, and, let’s be frank, B.O. A shower a day keeps your skin at bay!


Skin naturally renews itself, but sometimes it needs a little help from a product like AmLactin®. The lactic acid in AmLactin® helps remove dead skin cells from the top layer of skin (epidermis) through a process called exfoliation, revealing the new skin cells below. Regular exfoliation can help prevent clogged pores and reveals healthy skin underneath.


Your body produces oils to keep skin soft and healthy, but a variety of factors—from hot showers to harsh cleansers—can strip them away. Keep your skin hydrated with a twice daily application of an alpha-hydroxy moisturizer, like AmLactin® Ultra Hydrating Body Cream, which contains the patented ULTRAPLEX® formula that gently exfoliates and is clinically proven to intensely hydrate for long-lasting moisture.


Healthy Lifestyle


Healthy Diet

What happens on the inside shows on the outside, making your skin a great reflection of your health. A healthy, balanced diet includes foods that are high in fiber and antioxidants, like fruits and veggies, which help give skin a naturally healthy glow.


Keeping your muscles tight and toned helps skin on top stay the same way. In addition to a toned body, being active improves circulation, reduces stress, and contributes to healthy glowing skin. Working out with friends is a great way to help you stay motivated, de-stress, and unwind after a long day.

Facial Calisthenics

Bicep curls for your arms, squats for your thighs, but what about your face? Incorporating a routine of face firming moves into your workout can help tone and tighten delicate facial skin. Try “The Jowl Zapper”: Raise your chin, tilting your head as far back as possible. Hold for five seconds, relax and repeat once. Imitate this same movement by tilting your head to the right, then to the left.

Skin Saboteurs


Bad for your insides — bad for your outsides. Smoking is a damaging habit that ravages your skin. Smoke dries out the surface of the skin, while the nicotine and chemicals in cigarettes reduce the amount of oxygen circulating to the skin and damage collagen and elastin – a killer combo for weak skin, wrinkles, and a sallow complexion.


Acting like a diuretic, large amounts of caffeine actually draw water out of your body — that includes your skin. Skip the cup-of-joe and substitute with a glass of water. It not only quenches your thirst and hydrates your skin, but drinking cold water can also help you feel more alert. Now that’s refreshing!


Most of us have known this one since we could say the word “ouch.” Simply put: sun + skin = (bad news)2. UVA and UVB rays are always present, even when the sun isn’t shining. Sunburn, wrinkles, and cancer are only a few of the negative effects that unprotected sun exposure has on your skin. So slather on some SPF why don’t ya!? Apply a broad spectrum SPF of at least 30 to all exposed skin.

Harsh Soaps

Soaps and cleansers that contain harsh sulfates, synthetic ingredients, or artificial coloring often irritate and dry out the skin.   For skin that looks and feels great, switch to oil or cream based cleansers to preserve natural moisture and always read the product label before you buy or apply.



The glow you get from a goodnight’s sleep can’t be found on a shelf in the beauty aisle. Getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep (and adding naps when needed) is important for maintaining energy to get you through your daily activities and allows your skin the time it needs for renewal.


Drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day helps the body maintain its vital functions (like digestion and toxin flushing). As for your skin—hydration from the inside out helps your skin. So drink up!


Stress increases the production of cortisol, a hormone that may contribute to breakouts and can increase the effects of aging on skin. Counteract stress by taking time to relax, whether it’s an entire afternoon or just a few minutes. Music, nature, and meditation are all relaxing activities that help to restore balance to mind and body.


The phrase “laughter is the best medicine” applies to all aspects of health, including your skin. Emotional toxins are just as harmful as environmental toxins, so surround yourself with positive people and experiences, and see positive changes in your skin.




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