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Beauty Do-It-Yourself of the Month


Spice up your space- whether it’s a dorm room, new apartment, or just your favorite spot on the couch- with some cute and easy DIY throw pillows.









What you need:

Pillows with solid, removable cases

Assorted patterned fabric

Coordinating thread

Straight pins


Fabric scissors

What you do:

  1. Begin by removing the pillows from their cases.
  2. Determine what design you would like each pillow to have, and cut it out of the patterned fabric. Flowers, shapes, your initials…whatever suits your fancy!
  3. Place shapes in desired locations on pillow cases and straight pin them into place.
  4. Turn the pillow case inside out, and sew shapes securely into place.
  5. Turn pillow case right side out, reinsert pillow, and place on couch!


For added charm, use fabric glue to attach tassels to pillow corners or strips of contrasting ribbons around the edges of the case.


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