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Beauty Do-It-Yourself of the Month



With summer’s heat at its peak, no one wants to be weighed down with a face full of makeup (not to mention have it running down your face at the beach). Tinted moisturizer is a lighter alternative to wearing both moisturizer and foundation, and can still provide the same coverage and protection. Finding the right tinted moisturizer at the drug store or beauty counter can be tricky, so why not make it yourself with ingredients you already own? Here’s how:

 Step 1: Choose a light-weight facial moisturizer (one with SPF), and either a liquid or mineral powder foundation.

 Step 2: In a small bowl, mix 2 parts moisturizer with 1 part foundation (adding more or less foundation to reach desired color/coverage)

 Step 3:  Apply to a clean face before going out into the summer sun. Store the excess in a small, air-tight container.

 For added melt-proof glamour, add a coat of waterproof mascara to lashes and swipe on a tinted lip balm with SPF.


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